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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Exterior Paint


Have you ever wondered what your visitors notice first when they walk into your house?

Neither your luscious lawn nor your perfectly decorated living room; in fact, exterior paint is what seizes the attention of guests, passersby, neighbours and potential buyers. Homeowners must remember that exterior paint job is as vital as interior paint, meaning it can make or break your property.

And let’s be honest; no one’s got time and money to repaint their exteriors with high-quality paint every few months– right?

If you’ve taken a trip to Bunnings or any other paint store, you’ll agree that choosing paints isn’t an easy task owing to the overwhelming number of options. As such, homeowners shopping for the first time choose the wrong shades and regret it later.

To save you from making a wrong decision, we’ll discuss six mistakes you must avoid when choosing exterior paints. Let’s get started, shall we?

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Exterior Paint

painting building

1. Selecting From Among The Wrong Type Of Paint

Paints are available in varieties from water-based to enamel – so it’s not uncommon to choose the wrong type from a sea of options. As a homeowner, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is deciding between oil-based and latex paint.

Applying latex paint over a coat of oil-based paint would be wrong because it won’t adhere and will end up peeling.

Another thing to remember is that settling for a low-priced option is a big no-no! That’s because low-quality paints don’t last long, so your money will go in vain.

Always choose high-quality paints, even if you have to spend a tad more because they retain their colour for longer. Not just that, but they score high on durability, which means they withstand elements better than low-quality ones.

2. Not Considering The Climate

scraping off

Whichever paint you choose for the exterior surfaces, you mustn’t forget that it will be exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun and heavy rainfall.

So, when it comes to exterior painting, you must look for options designed to take a beating. Some paints peel off after exposure to the natural elements because the binders deteriorate. As such, they turn into powder, which is washed away whenever it showers.

Compared to high-quality paints, the formula of inferior paint project softens and causes flakes, blisters or cracks. That being said, consider your area’s climate when selecting paint for outdoor areas.

3. Using Shade Cards, Not Samples

testing paint

Shade cards give us a general idea about how the stain would look after drying, but you mustn’t purchase paints based on them.

Even printed shade cards aren’t reliable because the same shade will appear differently on different materials. That’s because different types of materials absorb paint in various ways, so there are variations. In some cases, there could be a drastic difference between the colour of the shade card and the stained material.

So, whenever you’re shopping for paints, ask for samples and apply them to the exteriors of your home. After a day or two, check the patch and decide if it’s the one you have been looking for. If yes, you can go ahead and purchase as many gallons as you want to paint the exterior.

4. Not Paying Attention To The Colour Of Your Neighbours’ House

If all the houses in and around your establishment are painted white, there’s no point in doing a  painting project in your house cream, lilac, pink or any other colour.

Any colour other than white would ruin the whole aesthetic of the locality, and the last thing you’d want is to grab your neighbours’ attention for the wrong reasons. We’d like to inform you that many homeowners associations and body corporates lay down certain guidelines about exterior paints, which locals have to adhere to without fail. So, before purchasing paints, we suggest finding out if there are any guidelines in your area.

5. Not Hiring Professionals For Painting The Exteriors

Exterior house painting  is much more challenging than you’d think! Most people who are DIY enthusiasts paint the exterior surfaces themselves and move back and forth while climbing up and down to stain the surfaces.

Little do they know that they are exposing themselves to dangerous fumes and paint particles, which are detrimental to human health.

Even if you choose sprayers over rollers and brushes, know that you’ll be at risk of inhaling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the main active chemical in paints. If you inhale these hazardous compounds, you’ll likely experience dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and eye irritations.

The best way to prevent inhaling VOCs is to hire professional painters who know their way around painting exteriors.

6. Ignoring Architectural Styles

exterior paint

A traditional Queenslander, contemporary cottage or federation home – no matter your style, it’s important to follow the colour palette that suits its architectural style. Using the right colour palette will accentuate your home’s features and minute details, exuding a welcoming feel.

On the flip side, if you go for the wrong colour palette, it will make your home appear bland; hence, it will lose its charm.

The Perfect Exterior Paint: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Be it interiors or exteriors, the colour you choose can either enhance the aesthetics or make it appear dull and outdated.

Choosing exterior paint may seem easy, but it isn’t! A lot goes into selecting paint for your home’s exterior surfaces, so you must spend adequate time in the decision-making process.

When shopping for paints, keep in mind that the exteriors of your property are exposed to rain, sun’s rays and snow. As such, it’s essential to go for highly resilient options that can withstand the natural elements.

After all, who paints the exterior of their property every year? – Of course, no one!

On that note, let’s call it a day. Hopefully, you won’t make mistakes like others and will choose the best exterior paint for your home. If you are also looking to repaint the interior of your home, check out our guide on choosing the best paint colour for trim.

If you need professional assistance, call Master Of Paint. Our talented Melbourne painters will restore your home’s exterior to exceed your expectations!

Good luck!


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