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6 Simple Colours offered by Residential House Painters in Melbourne that can boost the value of your home

6 Simple Colours offered by Residential House Painters Melbourne That can boost the value of your home
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In this article we have taken advantage of our ten years of experience in offering painting services in Melbourne, to find out what are the top 6 paint colours by Dulux and Haymes that can bring the ultimate result to almost any Melbourne home when professionally done by local painters

The interior walls are the most seen part of your home. Choosing the right paint colour for such an important area of your interior home is an important task that needs to be discussed with your professional painters

What Are The Available Interior & Exterior Paint Brands in Australia?

While there are a number of small, medium and large paint manufacturers that widely sell their products to professional painting companies in Australia, here are the most well-known ones that have established shops in Melbourne, Sydney and almost anywhere in Australia. 

  • Dulux 
  • Haymes 
  • Taubman 
  • Porters Paint


Each brand has some real champions and a few ‘family members’ that let the side down quite a bit. While most painting companies only use one brand of paint for everything to get bulk discounts, our team, only focus on using the top winners from each brand to paint our client’s homes in Melbourne. 

Dulux – Our Brand of Choice 

Dulux is an international paint brand with a wide range of paints for both interior painting and exterior painting. Dulux products are great when it comes to coverage and longevity when applied correctly by a residential and commercial painting company.  There are a large number of paint products made by dulux that are used by Master of Paint such as Wash n Wear, Weathershield, Berger, Enviro2 and many more. Here are the product ranges that we recommend from Dulux: 

  • Dulux Wash n Wear – Low Sheen ( Interior Walls ) 
  • Dulux Weather-Shield – WaterBased ( Exterior Walls ) 
  • Dulux Super Enamel – Oil-Based ( Interior Wooden Trims )

Haymes – Our Second Brand of Choice 

Haymes is an Australian-made and proudly runs the family business for over 80 years. The quality of their products is unique and over the past many years, they have shown a passion for crafting quality products to be a locally made choice of paint to most exterior and interior painting specialists in Australia. Although Haymes range of products is not as extensive as Dulux, it still offers high-quality paint, especially for its Water Based Aquanamel range which is widely used to paint woodwork as well as its Woodcare Dexpress which is widely popular by Melbourne painters. Here are some of the winning products by Haymes: 

  • Haymes Ultra Premium Expression – Flat ( Interior Ceiling ) 
  • Haymes Dexpress Woodcare – WaterBased ( Decking Oil ) 
  • Haymes Premium Acrylic Enamel – Water-Based ( Interior Wooden Trims )

Taubman – Third Brand of Choice 

Taubman is an Australian-made brand. Taubmans has been painting Australian homes for over 110 years. While they have a good range of products, here is the winners from Taubmans that we use: 

  • Taubmans Tradex Ultra Prep – ( Undercoat Primer ) 

Porter’s Paint – Brand of Choice When It Comes To Features and Speciality Finishes

Porter paint holds a wide range of beautifully rich colours that cannot be copied or matched due to their unique tinting system. They often use five or six colourants to ensure that colours correctly complement and cleverly contrast. here are the colours or textures that we use for our clients: 

  • Porter’s Interno Lime Wash
  • Porter’s Fresco 



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