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How To Choose The Best Paint Colour For Trim


You’ve revamped your space like a skilled interior designer, mending structural flaws while preserving the unique character of every room.

Even then, is something still missing from your space? Consider painting your trims– an alternative trick to highlight the design of your room that designers swear by.

Not only that, but the right trim colour can accentuate the wall colour and turn your room from dull and drab to lively.

Which colour would be the perfect choice for trims? Not to worry– we’ll discuss some tips that will help you choose trim colours that define the style of the room by showcasing your walls.

So, let’s dive in without further delay!

How to Choose the Best Paint Colour For Trim

1. Pick A Trim Colour That Complements The Walls

Generally, designers suggest using one colour to paint the trims of the main areas of your home because it creates a unified effect and emphasises your trims. However, you can play with colours and choose unique combinations for bathrooms and bedrooms.

2. When In Doubt, Opt For White!

Supposedly, your walls are painted lilac, burgundy, or a striking neutral colour combination. In such situations, deciding on the trim colour could be challenging for every homeowner.

Anything too light would make your room look monotonous, while darker colours may dull your room. So, what do you do when caught up in such situations?

Whether the interiors are bold or soft, the classic white paint colour would be an ideal choice for every interior. After all, white walls introduce a hint of contrast in spaces with pastel or light walls while giving a clean and modern finish.

On the flip side, white trim paint adds visual relief, accentuates the space and brightens if paired with intense or dark-coloured walls.

Thanks to the wide range of paints, homeowners can choose between warm and cool white colours. So, stark white isn’t the only option for white trim colours.

To choose the best white colour for your trims, take the shade card of your wall colour and place it against white chips. This way, you’ll understand which shades of white go well with your wall colour.

Crisp and clear whites complement cool colours– both muted and saturated. As for earthy neutrals and intense or warm colours, creamy white tones are often the best choice.

3. Consider Woodwork Varnish For Wood Trims Or Leave Them As It Is

Which colour would be perfect for wood trims? We suggest opting for natural wood tones to add warmth to your space.

However, you must be careful when using rich stains with light-coloured walls. That’s because rich colours against light walls grab more eyeballs than bright colours.

The final result depends on whether you stain the wood first or varnish it. Stains are packed with pigments or dyes that colour wood but do not hide its grains. Ebony, dark brown, reddish-brown, golden yellow, and bleached grey-white– you can choose from a wide range of colours.

When choosing stain colours, remember the look you wish to achieve. Honey, golden or lighter-toned stains may appear as bright as warm yellow, while medium to dark-brown colours is likely to have a darker appearance.

As a piece of advice, always test the stain colour on one corner of the trim to see how it appears. Sometimes, the stain shown on a shade card differs from what it seems in reality.

Still trying to decide which colour you should opt for your trims? Leave them unpainted and wooden textures will add warmth to your space.

4. Opt For A Paint With A Semi-Gloss Finish

Of all the finishes on the market, paint with a semi-gloss finish is considered the best for trims. Besides making your trims pop against the walls, semi-gloss paints are durable and easy to clean.

Neutral Trim Paint Colours

No doubt, white is the most popular colour, but there are a few other options that you can consider. They are as follows:

  1. Brown, beige or cream – If the walls and ceilings of your room have neutral undertones, you can never go wrong with brown, beige or cream.
  2. Charcoal or grey – Light grey walls paired with dark grey add class and elegance to a space.
  3. Black – Want to make your trims pop against the wall? Black would be the best bet if paired with light or white-coloured walls.

Bold Trim Paint Colours

Want to go bold with trim colours? Try pastels, purples, yellows, blues, or green — don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity because the sky’s the limit to bold colours!

Make sure the walls are white or light in colour; bold colours will make the trims apparent.

Choosing the Best Paint Colour For Trim

Trims define the style of a room; hence, painting them with the right colour can transform a space dramatically.

From tantalising teal to dreamy white, you have many colour options to create a space that grabs your visitors’ attention. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind when deciding on the trim colour, and we’re sure you’ll choose the right one.

When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional painter to help you decide on a colour for your home’s trims.

That brings us to the end of our guide. See you later!


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